Photographing New York

Cesare Bedogné | 8'54''

This short film is based on a poem I wrote remembering the two weeks I spent in New York back in 2004, around Christmas time, on occasion of my first photo exhibition overseas. I almost completely forgot this piece of writing – which I had unusually written directly in English during a feverish night – in the drawer until I travelled to Portugal in the Fall of 2018 and I started thinking again about America, waiting for me at the other end of the Atlantic, beyond the long hypnotic waves and the corroded wharves. So, I started taking filmic shots inspired by the poem, and I felt that the film should include at least a few of the photographs I took in New York 15 years before. And also, a single picture I took in a Dutch hospital in 1997, interlacing thus different periods of my life and different artistic languages through film-making.